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This means they might see things that aren't there, Buy Aczone online similar to faces, flashes or Buy coumadin online colours, which can make them or others believe they're creating dementia. The situation is thought to occur because, with a scarcity of visual messages coming to it, Buy ponstel online the brain fills this gap with saved pictures instead. It is surprisingly frequent and is thought to have an effect on half of the 400,000 individuals in this nation with age-associated macular degeneration, which occurs when cells die within the a part of the retina that controls central vision. Spotting the distinction: Hallucinations alone are rarely an indication of dementia. Do search medical help as even though there is no such thing as a cure for Buy ponstel online Charles Bonnet syndrome it can be reassuring for someone with sight loss to know they don't seem to be developing dementia, too. Dr Souter is a retired GP. Fellow of the Royal Faculty of General Practitioners. Adapted by LUCY ELKINS out of your Guide To Understanding And Dealing with Dementia by Dr Keith Souter (Summersdale, £8.99). Buy ponstel online

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